H&M For Brick Lane Bikes Urban Cycling Collection

H&M For Brick Lane Bikes

Fashion retailer H&M has teamed up with East London bike shop Brick Lane Bikes to collaborate on a urban cycling collection. Inspired by both vintage pieces and today’s performance cycling apparel, the men's capsule collection combines the function of bike wear with city style to be worn both on and off the bike. 

"There are quite a few people in our menswear design team that are interested in bicycles and have used bikes for a long long time," said H&M Designer Petter Klussel. "So the idea came up for us to do some sort of bicycle collection."

The 11 piece urban cycling collection has been designed by H&M and tested and approved by Brick Lane Bikes, one of the pioneers of fixed gear and single speed bikes in London. The collection is made up of classic items and pieces that fit in with your everyday wardrobe but add a bit of riding function. 

"It's something that is kind of missing," states Chris Christodolo, Creative Director at Brick Lane Bikes. "A lot of us want to step off the bike and still feel ourselves without having the need to change out of our cycling gear."

H&M For Brick Lane Bikes

The collection is made using more sustainable materials and manufacturing practices as part of H&M’s Conscious work. "It's all linked to the whole idea of riding on a bike," claims Petter Klussel. "It goes together with a healthy lifestyle both for yourself and for the whole planet." 

The H&M For Brick Lane Bikes collection will be launched on March 7, 2013 in around 180 stores worldwide, as well as online.

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