Suunto Creates App Zone For Ambit

Suunto Ambit App Zone

Ever wish you could track a certain measurement on your training watch that wasn't part of the basic package? In the new Suunto Movescount App Zone, you can create your own features using a combination of any of the performance variables available on the Suunto Ambit GPS watch. 

Any member of the Movescount community can design a new app using a unique combination of Suunto product features. Upon entering the online App Zone, you can see all of the apps that have previously been created by other members and download the ones that interest you in order to customize your watch.

Suunto Ambit App Zone

Current apps include the Climb Counter, which tells you how many hill sprints you have completed and Marathon Time, which calculates your estimated finish time for a marathon based on your current pace. One of my favorites has to be Train For Chocolate, telling you how many grams of chocolate you have earned after each workout.

If you can’t find the feature you need, create your own app with the Suunto App Designer. Using the simple, web-based tool, you can combine any Ambit performance variable into a sophisticated calculation, creating a totally original Ambit feature. You will definitely need to pull out that Junior High-level algebra in order to craft your own calculation.  

So if you own a Suunto Ambit GPS watch, head on over to the Movescount App Zone to check out the over 500 apps and counting. 


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