An Off The Shelf Splitboarding Package

Splitsticks splitboard package

Choosing the right splitboard setup can be difficult, as you not only have to choose the right board, but also find the right interface, binding, crampons, and skins. Austrian company Splitsticks hopes to make your entry into splitboarding more simple by offering a complete off the shelf package with a very user friendly setup.

The initial Splitsticks package features an all mountain splitboard, made for riders who need a board for all conditions. Three lengths of splitboard are available (156cm,162cm,166cm) to suit your personal preference and type of riding.

The Splitsticks board is traditionally cambered with a slightly tapered tail, floaty nose, and reduced sidecut for superior edgehold riding and skinning. Less inserts between bindings result in a very good flex pattern of the board, which is generally on the stiffer side.

The single size base plate can be adjusted to four different lengths. The binding should fit most splitboard or snowboard boot models from size 40-45, working best with narrow and slim freeride boots as opposed to bulky freestyle ones.

The binding offers three modes: Ride mode, Hike mode, and Ski mode with fixed heels. The rotatable crampons can be mounted without stepping out of the binding and the climbing heels are quick to activate or deactivate. If you want to skate a flat section or make a quick descent with skins, you can fix the bindings in ski mode. Changeover between modes is quick and easy even with your gloves on.

The Splitsticks package, including splitboard, bindings, crampons, and skins, retails for €1350 and can be ordered from the company website.

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