K2 Kwicker Splitboard System

K2 Snowboarding Kwicker

Looking to solve the weight and ease of use problems with traditional splitboarding systems, K2 Snowboarding created their own complete set from scratch, including board, boot, crampons, and binding. In the end, the K2 Kwicker system is four pounds lighter than the current industry standard and cuts your transition time in half.

In order to address the ease of use issue, K2 designed a completely new way of attaching and locking to the Voile puck and plate system. The click-in style bindings and pinless transition design increase the speed and ease of switching from splitting to shredding modes. All this can easily be done while wearing gloves. 

Somewhere between a hard and a soft boot, the Stark boot model included in the Kwicker setup features 360 degrees of flex. The K2 Endo Construction not only makes a super durable boot, but uses the internal structure to act as a highback that stiffens the backstay of the boot and provides solid repeatable support and flex. A Boa controlled internal ankle strap adds an extra level of support.

The UltraSplit board in the K2 Kwicker system is being launched as the premium option above the current Panoramic. A split track system offers infinite stance options and the new UltraTech board construction removes 500 grams of weight compared to the Panoramic. The result is a splitboard that weighs the same as a regular board even with the basic split hardware included.

As of yet, K2 has not settled on final pricing but will offer the Kwicker gear both as a full package and as individual parts. 

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