Shelter Bike Frame Protection

Shelter Bike Protection

You dropped a ton of money on that carbon fiber mountain bike frame, so it can't hurt to do everything you can to protect it from rock damage. Back in 2007, materials engineer Alberto De Gioannini started Italian company Effeto Mariposa in order to focus full time on creating bike maintenance and cycling related technical or material innovations. One of his inventions, Shelter, protects your bike from various kinds of impact damage, extending the useful life of your frame and protecting your investment. 

Shelter is made up of multiple layers of a shock and scratch resistant transparent compound with viscoelastic properties. The compound is shaped into 1.2mm thick self-adhesive strips and die cut pieces that you apply to high risk areas on your frame (chainstays, down tube, cable/frame contact points). Shelter spreads any impact energy within its structure, vastly increasing the resistance strength of the carbon fiber or metal material where it is applied.

The material is abrasion and solvent resistant and won't yellow over time. Normal riding and washing of your bike won't harm the Shelter strips but they can be removed if needed without damaging the frame paint. Shelter comes in two different single bike packs with pre-cut elements or rolls for use on multiple bikes. 

To apply, first clean the area with alcohol and a clean cloth. Take the suitable pre-cut Shelter element or cut a custom made piece, then peel the backing paper to expose a small amount of adhesive surface. Be very careful not to touch the adhesive. Attach the protective layer where you want it by applying a firm and constant pressure with your thumbs, gradually peeling back the rest of the adhesive paper as you go. Simple as that. 

Shelter bike frame protection retails for $29.95 (2 strips)
to $79.95 (roll)
and is available now. 



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