Avalanche Airbag Pack From Jones Snowboards


Jeremy Jones, founder of Jones Snowboards, is a big advocate for backcountry safety. Even though good decision making is the most important tool, Jeremy rides with an avalanche airbag in the uncontrolled environment of the big mountains as he has seen it save lives. New for Fall 2013, Jones Snowboards will add their own avalanche airbag pack to the product lineup.

The new Jones 30L R.A.S. Ready Pack is compatible with the Snowpulse Removable Airbag System (R.A.S. sold separately). Instead of the usual nitrogen, the R.A.S. system uses compressed air, meaning you can easily refill your canister when you arrive at the place you plan to ride.

Weighing 6.7lbs when loaded with the avalanche airbag system, the Ready Pack is constructed out of ultra durable Dimension polyant ballistic nylon with aramid fiber. The 30L R.A.S. Ready Pack features include a large cargo compartment, quick access avalanche tool pockets, padded waist straps with dual hip pockets, fine adjustment shoulder straps, thermo molded neoprene foam back padding, fleece lined goggle pocket, and a back panel zipper for easy access to gear.

Over the years, Jeremy has come up with Five Red Flags, simple visual clues that are a sign of potential avalanche danger, that he uses on a regular basis before heading out into the backcountry. The Five Red Flags are as follows:

1. New snow- 90% of human triggered avalanches happen during or within 24 hours after a storm.

2. Wind transported snow- if the wind is strong enough to transport snow, then the avalanche conditions can change from stable to dangerous without any new snow.

3. Seeing recent slide activity- natural avalanches are a sign that slopes are sliding even without people on them. 

4. Rapid temperature rise- if it is the first warm day in awhile, the slopes are more prone to slide.

5. Collapsing or cracking snow- shooting cracks break off your ski tips when skinning up or small slabs peel off your board when bootpacking.

As the red flags pile up, your terrain plans should continue to change.

The Jones 30L R.A.S. Ready Pack will start shipping Fall 2013. 

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