Black Diamond Ice Box Review

Black Diamond Ice Box

I bought shiny new carbon fibre Black Diamond Cobra ice tools this year so was a bit apprehensive about flying with them. Too many times my gear bag has shown up with huge holes from not being so nicely handled by the baggage crew or system. To give me some peace of mind when traveling with my new ice tools, screws, and all my other sharp gear, I decided to buy the Black Diamond Ice box to not only protect my sharps, but everything else in my bag.

The Ice Box is basically a padded zippered briefcase made with a ballistic nylon outer shell. When open flat, one side of the case securely holds two sets of tools and your crampons. The other side comes with an Ice ScrewUp roll up pouch that holds 10 screws. Velcroed into the side of the case, you can easily remove the pouch to take with you climbing. A fabric flap over the top enables you place another Ice ScrewUp pouch underneath if you are traveling with more than 10 screws (most people do!).

A mesh zippered pocket behind the screw pouch is great for storing your files, repair tools, and other small accessories you don’t want loose in your bag. I love having all my sharp stuff safely stowed in one place instead of strewn throughout my gear bag where it can either break or shred my down jacket and poke a hole in my hardshell.

Bottom Line: Anyone who regularly travels with their ice gear will gain some peace of mind from using the Ice Box. The padded kit bag is well worth the investment and a great way to stay organized.

The Black Diamond Ice Box retails for $79.95 and is available now.

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