Spree Biometric Headband Measures Core Body Temperature

Spree Sports Biometric Headband

Spree is a new biometric device that adds body temperature to your standard heart rate, movement, and other performance data tracking. The Spree headband and app combination capture real time data and analyze it to assess your body's current performance, helping you to optimize every workout. 

During exercise, metabolism, core body temperature, and muscle efficiency are significantly affected by an elevated core body temperature. Circulation issues related to heat are caused by both dehydration and blood
redistribution. Dehydration decreases blood and plasma volume, rate of sweating, muscle
strength and capacity, as well as liver

As your body temperature rises, more blood is sent to peripheral tissue to aid in cooling and less oxygenated blood is available for your muscles, lungs, heart, and other internal organs. Therefore, it would be very helpful to keep an eye on your core body temperature during your workout as it has a such direct relationship to your performance. Today's heart rate montiors, sensors, and apps collect a wealth of performance information but ignore the critical element of body temperature. 

The slimlined Spree headband unit streams real-time biometric information via Bluetooth to an app on your smartphone in order to chart your key body metrics and provide visual indicators on your current exertion level, when you may need to hydrate, or when your activity goal is reached. Spree also stores the data in the headband unit for later download in case you do not own a smartphone. 

Spree measures body temperature, distance traveled, speed, time, heart rate, optimal workout zones, and calories
burned. The Spree app combines these data points into simple graphs that indicate when you are performing your best. The Spree data and app help you learn when your body is
burning the most calories, when it is building the most muscle mass, and at what pace you
are achieving maximum endurance. 

Spree is currently running a pre-order campaign over on Indiegogo. For $299 you can get your own biometric headband to add body temperature data to your workout analysis. 


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