Urbanus Jeans Denim Snowboard Pants

Urbanus Jeans

Currently one of the most popular snowboarding brands in Korea, Urbanus Jeans is looking to break into the Western market. Manufactured by Dawn and River Co., Urbanus Jeans offers a collection of denim pants, apparel, and other accessories designed to be worn both snowboarding as well as around town.  

Contrary to current thinking on what types of fabric you should be wearing outdoors in winter, the Urbanus Jeans snowboard pants are constructed out of real denim made from 100% natural cotton. Urbanus claims it has adopted several finishing techniques to make the snowboarding jeans outdoor ready, including unique washing and trimming that is only possible with natural fibers and not with synthetics.

The denim snowboard pants are designed out of a three layer fabric. The outer layer is treated with a water repellent coating, while a Geotech waterproof membrane is sandwiched between this outer layer and the fabric liner that adds next to skin comfort and moisture wicking ability. The jeans are waterproof and fully windy resistant, but remain relatively breathable. 

Urbanus Jeans

Details on the snowboard jeans include a heel drag protector, zippered ankle to fit over your boots, and zippered mesh vents on the inner thighs for warm days or for when you hike up in the backcountry. A snow skirt that resembles a pair of boxers can be snapped into the jeans for extra protection and fashion sense. After you take your new denim snowboard pants out on the slopes a few times, the jeans will change color slightly, giving them a sort of individual imprint to add to your unique style.

Urbanus Jeans come in a variety of cuts and styles, including colored denim, and retail for around $235-$280. No word on when Urbanus will be picked up by Western retailers but it looks like you can probably order them directly online if you can navigate through all the Korean for creating a login. 

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