Westcomb Hutterite Down Collection

Embden Geese

Instead of working with chemically treated water repellent down suppliers such as DownTek, Westcomb has instead turned to some Canadian bred geese in order to take advantage of their natural water repellency. Hutterite down, used by Canada Goose and others, is a premium quality down prized for its durability, warmth, and moisture wicking ability. 

Hutterite down, produced in the Hutterite communities of Alberta, Canada, is collected from mature Embden geese raised outdoors. The down is twice soap cleaned rather than chemically cleaned (which does less damage to the down), and is twice sorted, making Hutterite down 90% to 95% down and only 5% to 10% small feather.

Geese that grow up outdoors in colder climates produce more down to keep themselves warm. The best quality down comes from mature geese, where the clusters are fully formed and able to trap the maximum amount of air to keep you warm. Since a large amount of natural lanolin is left behind in the cleaning process, Westcomb claims that Hutterite down is naturally water repellent without the need for chemical treatment. The actual extent of this water repellency remains in question.

For fall 2013, Westcomb will upgrade their entire 12-piece down collection to 900-fill Hutterite down. The down line includes a full range of styles, from waist cut lightweight sweaters to knee-length parkas, including four new designs for fall 2013.

Men's Rainier Sweater ($420): Westcomb’s warmest mid-layering piece features the dense weave of a durable Pertex Quantum around the body with stretchable shoulder panels of 100% waterproof Polartec Neoshell. 

Men's and Women's Chilko Sweater ($350): A minimalist 900-fill down piece that compresses easily into a daypack. 

Women's Dakota Hoody ($450): A long parka designed for use as a layer or on its own. Features include an adjustable torso system, internal cuffs, and a fixed storm hood.

Men's Pemberton Parka ($600): A hooded piece that protects from head to knees with minimal weight. The parka uses Schoeller C-Change to lock out winter elements and lock in the warmth of high loft 900-fill Hutterite down. Features include an adjustable fixed hood with an adjustable waist system, low profile molded cuff tabs, and a high collar with velour-lined chin-guard and wind guard.

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