Bollé Osmoz Fully Integrated Goggle And Helmet

Bolle Osmoz Integrated Helmet And Google

Most everyone wears both a helmet and goggles when skiing these days so it would make perfect sense to integrate the two together. The new Osmoz helmet from Bollé is the industry’s first fully integrated goggle and helmet combination that is lighter weight than a traditional two piece setup, offers a sleeker, more aerodynamic profile, and means one less piece of equipment to remember to throw into your ski bag.

To get around the obvious fit issue on different people, the Osmoz incorporates a unique Rocken lens system that literally rocks out and up in order to adapt to your face and even accommodates people who wear glasses. Advanced Airflow Connection regulates the air supply and air circulation between the goggles and the helmet in order to prevent fogging. The venting is adjustable in the front, on top, and at the back in order to get the right setup depending on weather or personal preference.

The integrated polycarbonate spherical lens provides a panoramic view while applying very little pressure to your face. A sophisticated wheel change system enables you to quickly swap out lenses in changing light conditions.

The click to fit system will help you get the right fit on your head, while the inner velvet liner is removable in warmer weather and also washable.

The Bollé Osmoz helmet is available in three different color combinations and four different lens options. You can also choose to add an audio kit. The Osmoz retails for $200-$230 and will be available Fall 2013 for the start of ski season.

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