Petzl Upgrades TIKKA Headlamp With Reactive Lighting

Petzl Tikka R+

For Fall 2013, Petzl has upgraded the popular TIKKA compact headset line with the innovative Reactive Lighting technology that debuted in the Nao headlamp. As you go about various activities outdoors at night, the light output adapts instantly to your environment and is optimized to guarantee the chosen burn time. 

Reactive Lighting technology works off of an integrated light sensor that is oriented in the same direction as your eyes. This sensor measures and analyzes reflected light in order to instantly and automatically adjust the headlamp beam pattern (wide and/or focused) and light output to your current needs.

When your are looking at an object at close range, for example when reading a map, tying a knot, or setting up a tent, the beam is very wide and less powerful. When walking, running, or hiking, the beam is wide and has medium strength in order to illuminate obstacles in your path. When raising your head to see into the distance to either look for a trail marker or an anchor on a climb, the light output increases and becomes more focused.

The new TIKKA R+ ($75) ranges in light output from 135 lumens down to 7. The versatile mixed beam gives the advantage of lighting adapted to close-range vision and to moving around. 

The TIKKA RXP ($90) ranges from 180 lumens down to 7. The wide, mixed or focused beam allows you to benefit from lighting that adapts to each situation, from close-range to distance vision.


Both the TIKKA headlamps feature a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with USB connection that is suitable for frequent use. A separate battery pack ($10) holds 3 LR3/AAA batteries and can be used as a back-up solution when you head out into remote areas where the battery can not easily be recharged.

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