Make Your Favorite Shoes SPD Compatible

Retrofitz SPD Cleat Compatible Shoes

Have a favorite pair of shoes you wish you could wear everywhere, even on the bike? Well now you can. California company Retrofitz will take your much cherished pair of shoes and make them SPD cleat compatible for better riding performance as you cruise around town, all while retaining walking comfort.  

Companies such as DZR Shoes and Chrome make good looking urban bike shoes but what if you want to bike to work in your dress shoes or can't be without you favorite pair of velcro hi-tops? Made from injection molded, impact modified nylon with stainless steel threaded fasteners, the Retrofitz will add a mere 80 grams to the weight of your shoes. The standard 4-hole plates are made by Shimano and allow for plenty of adjustment. 

As the unit is permanently fixed to the sole of your shoe and covered by your original shoe liner, the Retrofitz will increase the stiffness of your sole but still remain comfortable for walking. So are all shoes Retrofitz-able? In general, if you can take the comfort liner out of your shoe, Retrofitz can make it work. The sole must be no greater than 12mm thick in the cleat attach region.

For $90 you can send in your favorite pair of shoes to be Retrofitzed, or the company sells a DIY kit for $50 including directions. You can check out the company blog to see all the different shoes they have retrofit for customers in the past. 

For the uninspired, Retrofitz offers a selection of already converted shoes for sale such as the Adidas Samba ($155), Adidas XCS Cyclocross Race Day shoes ($160), and Converse Chuck Taylor Hi-Tops ($145).

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