Hammerhead Turn-By-Turn Bike Navigation Tool

Hammerhead GPS Bike Navigation

When riding in a new city or on a new route, it is not always easy to figure out when and where to turn. The new Hammerhead GPS bike navigation tool uses LED lights to deliver turn-by-turn directions, enabling you to continue riding while keeping your eyes on the road and even on the trail.

The Hammerhead, shaped very much like the type of shark it is named after, is a compact, portable device that affixes to your bike handlebars. LED light arrays provide turn-by-turn directions for your chosen route, including when you’ve ultimately reached your destination. The Hammerhead also doubles as a bike light for night visibility, incorporating a bright headlight and two side lights.

The accompanying smartphone app (iOS and Android) enables you to discover new routes based on your ride preferences, whether it be elevation gain, distance, scenery, or difficulty rating. Once you select a route, the app delivers all the information to your Hammerhead device via Bluetooth Smart to show you the way. The app also enables you to share your favorite rides with the community, rewarding you for your contributions.

Hammerhead Bike Navigation

For all you Strava heads, Hammerhead will work together with both Strava and MapMyRide. The bike navigation tool will not only deliver directions on chosen routes, but also give you real time feedback on your performance over certain segments, showing your speed relative to competitors speed at any given point in the segment.

Hammerhead is working with Dragon Innovation to successfully bring the device to market. Dragon Innovation is a venture backed outlet that ensures hardware projects are actually ready and able to execute before funding, so there is little risk of you backing the project and it falling through.

For $70, you can be one of the first to own the Hammerhead bike navigation tool. The device comes with a universal handlebar mount and stem mount.

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