How To Hammock Camp During All Four Seasons

ENO Vulcan Underquilt

If you are a true hammock enthusiast, your goal is to sleep outside, under the stars, in your free swinging bed year round. Eagles Nest Outfitters hopes to make that more of a reality with their new winter inspired hammock accessories. A warm underquilt and weatherproof tarp mean you can put that bubble wrap and aluminum foil right back in the drawer where they belong.

The Vulcan Underquilt (MSRP $175) was designed specifically to make hammock camping a four season activity. Filled with PrimaLoft Synergy Continuous Filament Insulation, the underquilt snugs up closely under your hammock, creating that crucial layer of warmth trapping loft beneath you, allowing you to sleep comfortably down
to 30°F.

A differentially cut construction conforms to your body shape from head to toe, protecting you from any cold drafts. A DWR finish creates a moisture barrier to trap in warmth even if the quilt should get wet. In the morning, the Vulcan Underquilt packs down to a small size for easy transport inside your backpack.

ENO HouseFly hammock tarp

For snowy, windy, or generally wet weather, add the HouseFly Rain Tarp (MSRP $140) over your whole ensemble to create a waterproof fortress. Made from silicone impregnated nylon, this lightweight yet strong hammock tarp will stand up to almost anything. Stowable doors with agile buckles can be placed at either end to keep out even the worst sideways wind, rain, or snow.

ENO DripStrip

As you are essentially hanging from two trees, rain can easily make its way down the suspension system and into all your gear. To combat this problem, ENO has created the ingenious Drip Strips to act as mini rain barriers, redirecting any rogue water away from your hammock. The Drip Strips simply clip onto any ENO suspension system, working in conjunction with your rain tarp to keep you dry all night.

All of these ENO winter camping accessories will start shipping relatively soon, so get ready to plan some early season backpacking trips.

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