How To Enjoy Cocktails In The Backcountry

Bob & Stacy's Margarita

During your summer backpacking trips, ever wish you could sit down and enjoy a cocktail at the end of a long day on the trail? With similar objectives to the Climber Pouch from Clif Winery but focusing more on the single-serve level, Good Time Beverages has come up with a unique way to enjoy your favorite cocktails on the go, all while reducing carbon footprint and waste in the process. 

Individual serving packs are becoming increasing popular and making gourmet meals in the backcountry that much easier. You can't go far down the trail without seeing a Justin's Nut Butter poking out of someones pack. Packaged food is pretty straightforward but what about beverages?

Currently, transporting your favorite tipple into the backcountry usually involves a Stanley or Innate flask. But what if you wanted a cocktail? Sure, you could make pre-mixed batches and pour them into flexible GSI containers but that seems like a lot of work for a simple margarita. 

To save you all that decanting and pre-mixing hassle, Good Time Beverages has created a line of spirits and pre-mixed premium cocktails that are meant to be enjoyed on the go. Using single-serve FlexPouches manufactured with post consumer environmentally friendly materials and weighing approximately 40% to 60% less than traditional drink containers, the Good Time Beverages pouches provide both convenience and easy transport. Their eco-friendly design enables the pouches to carry about an 80% lower carbon footprint and create 90% less landfill waste as compared to other packaging containing equal amounts of liquid.

The drink selection is somewhat limited at the moment with margaritas, cosmos, vodka, and brandy. The company hopes to offer more variety in the near future. You can cool your margarita in the stream or serve over a little snow for happy hour around the campfire. You can drink right out of the resealable pouch, much like a juice box, then pack the empty FlexPouch out for recycling at the trailhead or when you get home. 

The Good Time Beverages Cocktails To Go are currently available in 17 states at your local liquor store. Check the website for exact locations.  

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