Chrome Storm 415 Work Boots Review

By Terry Doyle

Chrome Storm 415 Work Boot

As your life gets more complicated, with work, friends, and a growing list of hobbies, your days get longer and more packed. You may start your morning grabbing a coffee on your bike, then head out for a walk with your dog, and later help carry boxes for a friend moving across town. To keep up with your day, you need footwear that is versatile, but not so technical that you feel like a poser down at your local watering hole. With this in mind, I was really happy when Chrome sent me a pair of the Storm 415 Work Boots to try out.

The 415 Urban Work Boots are comfortable and versatile enough to do just about everything, from biking and hiking, to working on the “Honey Do” list around the house. Even though it is a work boot, it feels more like a Converse high top, and because it is made by Chrome, the construction is bomber.

Using a polyurethane impact-resistant sole on a blown rubber midsole wedge, the 415s take no time to feel like your first pair of sneakers that were permanently molded to your feet the summer you learned how to skateboard. Combined with an oiled full grain leather upper and the Chrome Storm internal waterproof membrane, the work boots are perfect for standing in a damp basement changing a water heater, stepping in puddles and mud as you walk your dog through the woods, or riding around town in the rain. 

The Storm 415 Work Boots fit well, but perhaps run a little small- consider ordering a half size larger. The crepe sole practically forms onto pedals, and provides great feel for the road, board, or whatever surface you are on. The boots are tough and provide enough protection from rocks and roots during a hike, but do not feature the heavy toe protection normally found in construction boots.

The only time I questioned wearing my 415s was on very dry, hot days. The breathability is good, but like all waterproof footwear, you are making a compromise. Three seasons is great coverage, especially for a work boot, and one as versatile as the Storm 415 means you will be enjoying them for all three.

Botton Line: The Chrome Storm 415 Work Boots are a highly versatile and stylish alternative to switching between bike shoes, trail runners, or hiking boots throughout the day. You can find the urban work boots online for $150. 

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