How To Dress Outdoorsy

Mountain Khakis Flannel

Even when we are not actively playing outside, we still want to portray to everyone that we are the outdoorsy type. Most outdoor brands have long clued into this trend and created lifestyle collections alongside their more technical gear. We shy away from Gucci and Prada to instead pay homage to Patagonia and Prana.

The following pieces are some good basics for building your outdoorsy wardrobe.

1. Flannel Shirt: This is an absolute must. Every self respecting outdoors man or woman wears a flannel shirt. How else are we supposed to identify each other? If in doubt, read this.

Mountain Khakis Mountain Pant

2. Pants: These could be jeans or shorts, but more formal situations call for khakis or cords, the dress up version of jeans.

Ambler Hat

3. Hat: Outdoor people wear hats indoors, preferably trucker style. Some of my personal favorites come from the new Ambler spring collection.


4. Shoes: Flip flops are a given, but can’t be worn everywhere. Any shoes you choose to wear must come from an outdoor brand and super bonus points if that brand aligns with your particular outdoor sport of choice. See someone wearing the new Five Ten Aescent approach shoes – climber. That cute guy rocking the Teva Links- mountain biker.

Patagonia Nano Puff

5. Jacket: When the weather gets cooler, its all about the puffy coat or puffy vest.

Stio Rounder Blazer
Moving Comfort Scarf

6. Dress Up: Heading to a wedding? No problem. Men- Stio, Rapha, or Outlier make a blazer you can throw on over that vintage tee and women, simply grab a dress from Patagonia, Royal Robbins, Horny Toad, Icebreaker, or Aventura. In a pinch, you can also just throw on a scarf over your normal outfit.

What did I miss?

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