Grassracks Eco-Friendly Bamboo Gear Storage Racks

Grassracks Bamboo Bike Storage Racks

Instead of squirreling away your bike, skis, boards, and other gear in the garage or basement, Grassracks offers you a unique way to not only store, but display your gear when not in use. Malvern, PA based Maholla believes your outdoor gear is a piece of artwork that deserves to be shown off, in both an eco-friendly and aesthetically pleasing way. 

Grassracks is a line of easy to hang racks and shelving, all made from 100% strong, naturally beautiful, and sustainable bamboo (apart from the mounting hardware). A variety of different racks cater to individual sports such as skiing, surfing, and biking, with features that offer the best display options and make your gear easier to organize. 

With the Grassracks Wall Mounting System, the racks and shelves are incredibly easy to install. All racks and shelves hang freely off of a universal Mounting Bar that uses anchors and screws to secure into drywall or wall studs. Each rack system safely holds 100+ lbs when drilled into drywall and 200+ lbs when drilled directly into wall studs.

The Bike Rack (pictured top) not only features a main bar for hanging your bike, but also smaller accessory hooks for your helmet, jacket, gloves, pack, and other essential items. A built-in shelf gives you a place to throw your keys, wallet, bike lights, and mail when you walk in the door. 

Grassracks bamboo  gear storage racks

The Single Rack is the best way to store and display just one board, whether it be a snowboard, surfboard, or even stand up paddleboard. A variety of adjustable arms enable you to fit your chosen board type and also come with fun surfer, boarder, or triple barrel designs. 

The bamboo gear storage racks and shelves range in price from $58-$128 and can be purchased from the Grassracks website.  

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