POC Tempor Time Trial Helmet

POC Tempor Time Trial Helmet

The new Tempor time trial helmet
marks POC's first foray into the road bike market, targeting racers and triathletes who are looking for every aerodynamic advantage. Working together with the Olympic Time Trial Silver Medalist, Gustav Larsson, and aerodynamic specialists at Semcon, POC balanced the sometimes competing requirements of safety and speed to create the Tempor. The end result is not only the safest time trial helmet on the market, but the fastest as well.

Instead of looking only at your head to design a better time trial helmet, POC decided to take into account your entire body to figure out what makes you more aerodynamic on the bike. The result is the very unique shape of the Tempor helmet. 

During extensive wind tunnel testing of various helmet designs, POC figured out that your forehead and shoulders add a significant amount of drag. To reduce this drag, POC created a sloping wide helmet profile that eliminates the standing air at your shoulders. In addition, two large ventilation ports at your forehead direct airflow through, instead of around, the helmet to exits vents at the ear area, reducing drag and cooling you in the process. 

The Tempor helmet structure permits a more natural body position, meaning your race position will require less neck strain and give you better road visibility. POC even incorporated a polycarbonate visor into the helmet, eliminating the need for sunglasses and further increasing aerodynamics. 

The POC Tempor is not only fast, but meets the exceptional safety standards for which POC is known. Liner thickness increases at the more exposed areas around the helmet, with overlapping upper and lower shells. The fluorescent orange color also increases your visibility on the road. 

The POC Tempor Helmet
is available in a variety of colors and sizes, retailing for $380. Not exactly cheap, but worth it to shave those precious seconds and even minutes off your ride time?

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