Specialized SWAT Integrated Storage

Specialized Swat XC Kit

The days of wearing huge hydration packs, over stuffing your jersey pockets, or duct taping a bunch of supplies to your bike for those extra long endurance rides may soon be over. Specialized has come up with an integrated system for carrying your gear called SWAT (acronym for Storage, Water, Air, Tool). Lightweight and discrete compartments for food, tools, water, and other necessities will be built directly into the frames of various 2014 Specialized models.

On the Epic and other mountain bike models, Specialized has hidden a EMT multi-tool out of the way above the rear suspension. The multi-tool includes a slotted screwdriver, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm allen wrenches, and a T25 torx. The company has also taken the stem top cap and hidden a chain tool beneath. Compatible with 8-11 speed chains, the Top Cap Chain Tool can also store a few links for repairs. 

For those bikes without the integrated EMT multi-tool, Specialized has designed the new Zee II water bottle cages that not only enable you to carry two bottles on your bike, but feature a cage mount for the multi-tool at the base. 

Specialized SWAT multi-tool

The Epics and other models will also come with a SWAT MTB XC box which can hold a tube, tire lever, a 25g C02 cartridge, and inflator head. The SWAT box sits at the bottom of the Zee II water bottle cage, connecting in a similar fashion to the multi-tool. 

For all you triathletes, the FuelCell aero storage box sits between the down tube and seat tube on all the Shiv models. The box provides enough room to store 8 gels, or 2 bars and 3 gels, spare tube, CO2 cartridge, inflator head, and valve extender. There will also be a Reserve Rack that sits at the back of your saddle for holding an extra water bottle and energy drinks. 

These are just a few of the items planned for the new SWAT technology. Be on the lookout for uniquely designed Specialized SWAT apparel that provides better on the body storage for water, food and tools as well. 

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