Thule Round Trip Bike Boxes

Thule Roundtrip Elite Bike Box

More and more people are taking bike themed holidays, whether it be traveling to a race or bike touring around Europe. Instead of renting a sub-par bike at your destination, Thule is trying to make it easier and safer to bring your own bike with three new bike boxes: the Round
Trip Pro, Round Trip Elite, and Round Trip Sport.

The higher end Round Trip bike boxes come both as a hard case (Round Trip Elite) and soft case (Round Trip Pro). Inside both the travel cases, a rail similar to what you find on your roof rack runs along the bottom, creating a secure platform for attaching your bike frame. 

When you arrive at your destination, the rail pulls out and turns into a classic work stand. You will have a much easier time putting together and taking apart your bike or tuning everything before you head out on your ride. The bike boxes come with two wheel bags that nestle inside for easy transport. 

Thule Bikestand

The Round Trip Elite ($599.95) is built in Thule’s Chicago cargo box factory and is made from a combination of ABS, aluminum, and rugged nylon to protect your bike during transport. The lightweight Round Trip Pro ($599.95) is made of hyper durable nylon.

A more basic model without the rail and work stand combination, the Round Trip Sport ($379.95) is constructed out of durable polyethylene, with four heavy duty straps to secure your bike and all the parts during transport. Dividers keep the wheels away from the frame to prevent any damage. The bike box is sized perfectly for shipping via
UPS or by airline.

The Round Trip Elite will be available starting in December, with the other two Thule bike boxes following in January. Now if we could just get rid of those hefty airline fees for flying with your bike. 

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