Switch Aero System Transforms Your Road Bike Into A Tri Bike

Switch Aero System

Bitten by the triathlon bug but don’t want to fork out the extra cash for a tri specific bike just yet? No problem. The new Switch Aero System enables you to have two bikes in one, quickly transforming your road bike into an aero bike and back again on the fly.

The Switch Aero System includes a set of Quick-Release Aerobars plus a Dual-Position Seatpost that enable you to quickly transition between your normal road position and a true aero position without getting off your bike. The Aerobars use a quick-release mechanism that lets you easily attach or remove them without the need for tools.

The Switch Aerobars mount to all standard road handlebars by way of two small handlebar clamps that remain on your bike at all times. The Aerobar extensions (L-bend, S-bend, and straight) and armrests can be adjusted independently in order to create the perfect fit for you.

The Dual-Position Seatpost allows you to move your saddle forward as you ride, replicating the steeper seat tube angle of a traditional tri bike. This angle puts your body in the proper alignment in order to ride more comfortably and longer in the aero position. A spring loaded stop holds the saddle securely in place, whether in the aero or ride position.

Switch Aero also offers a water bottle mount that sits between the aerobars to minimize drag and a secure attachment for your bike computer that works with or without the aerobar attachments. For a $199 pledge over on Kickstarter, you can be one of the first to test out the complete Switch Aero System.

In addition to triathlons, I can see this being a nice set up to have for longer century rides, giving you the option of adjusting to a new position on the flats just to change things up once and awhile.

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