QUQUQ Campingbox Instantly Converts Car Into Camper

QUQUQ Campingbox

Many of us dream of buying a van one day, converting it into a camper, and spending weekends, weeks, or even months on the road-dirtbag style. German company QUQUQ has brought that dream closer to reality with a self sufficient Campingbox that instantly converts your car into a camper van. 

The QUQUQ Campingbox comes complete with kitchen set, storage area, and bed, no assembly required. The box fits through any standard hatch door and takes up less than 1 square meter of floor space. You do not need to drill anything or make modifications to your car, simply throw the Campingbox in the trunk and go.

The kitchen set sits protected within the trunk. The front panel opens to serve as your work space and table, while a drawer module on the left pulls out to reveal a 2 burner gas stove with integrated canisters, pop-up windscreen, and storage space for pots, pans, and food. 

The middle trunk compartment offers a further 100L of storage space for luggage, bedding, sleeping bags, chairs, or other items. The right compartment houses 2 x 10L water canisters with two stainless steel bowls beneath for washing or rinsing.

When you are ready for bed, the 10cm thick cold foam mattress simply unfolds to cover the back seats in your car. Two ropes hang from the seat belt holders to suspend the mattress above the folded over seats. For longer trips, you could completely remove the back seats to provide more storage space beneath the bed.  

With a price tag of €2190, the QUQUQ Campingbox does not exactly come cheap, but perhaps cheaper and more realistic than buying your own Sprinter Van and doing all the retrofit work yourself. A list of known compatible car models is listed on the company website. With box dimensions of W 110cm x D 75cm and lying surface of 110cm x 195cm, I could see the Campingbox easily fitting into a Subaru. 


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