Adidas Springblade Running Shoe

Adidas Springblade

Ever wonder what it would feel like to run on blades like Oscar Pistorius? Now you can. Last week, Adidas revealed one of their most radical new shoe designs yet. Using a set of unique Energy Blades as the base, the Springblade running shoes add springy energy to your every stride.

Instead of using the traditional midsole/outsole running shoe construction, each Springblade features 16 individually shaped blades projecting out the bottom of the shoe. As you weight your foot through your stride, the blades quickly compress then release energy, propelling you forward in a motion unique to your footstrike and the type of ground beneath you.  

Each blade is constructed with an individual size, shape, flex, and thickness designed to support you through your full stride. The blades are also angled to give you greater forward momentum, pushing you on to the next step. Made from a transparent and highly elastic polymer, the blades use durable rubber tips for traction, acting as the outsole of the running shoe. 

The Adidas team spent six years developing the Springblade running shoes, testing different materials for the blades to determine which ones would provide the greatest energy return while remaining durable. The mesh upper is breathable yet supportive, but all of the innovation is found in the bottom of the shoe. At 12.8 oz., the Springblade are not the lightest on the market. 

The Adidas Springblade running shoes retail for $180, come in a variety of colors for both men and women, and will be available at stores starting Aug. 1.

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