UCO StakeLight Tent Stake

UCO StakeLight tent stake

Ever had trouble finding your tent after an epic day of climbing? Struggled to set-up camp in the dark or tripped over the guy lines during that midnight bathroom break? UCO’s new StakeLight tent stakes illuminate your tent perimeter, making it easier and safer to find your tent in the dark. 

The StakeLight from UCO is a clever new tent stake featuring an LED light that can be used both as an area light and a strobe. The StakeLight runs for up to 24 hours in strobe mode and provides up to 70 lumens of light in area mode, all off a single AAA battery (not included).

The LED light is controlled by a switch integrated directly into the lens. The StakeLight can be rigged to face toward the tent to light the entry, or away from the tent to mark its location. The stakes are made from durable 5000 series aluminum and the LED light is protected behind a water-resistant TPE housing.

I would be curious to see if you could make illuminated tent stakes that use solar instead of battery power, similar to those outdoor pathway lights that are readily available today. For non-life threatening applications, such as finding your tent at a big outdoor music festival, this should be feasible. Or you could just bring a huge flag. 

The UCO StakeLight tent stakes retail for $5.99 each, with a 4-pack running at $19.99.

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