Yurbuds Inspire Pro Headphones Review

Yurbuds Inspire Pro

There is nothing more annoying than your headphones constantly falling out or getting yanked out during your workout. Fed up with constantly losing his headphones during training, Yurbud founder and avid Ironman triathlete Seth Burgett decided to create a personal sized headphone that was comfortable to wear all day and would "never fall out", even during the most rigorous activity. 

I have been wearing the Inspire Pro headphones from Yurbuds during the past couple of months for everything from trail running, workouts at the gym or on the indoor trainer, working on my computer, and even when flying. 

The three button dry-mic (sweat and water resistant) enables you to easily advance to the next song or adjust the volume without having to fiddle with your phone. You can also take calls without taking the phone out of your pocket, something that is particularly useful on long roadtrips or commutes.

The Yurbuds twist and lock into your ear, keeping the headphones securely in place, even during the most rigorous physical activity. The earbuds are ergonomically designed to avoid nerve rich areas of your ear, so don't give you that ache you often get from wearing normal earphones for too long. Made with flexible silicone, Yurbuds are ultra soft and comfortable in your ear.

I found that Yurbuds work really well in the airplane for blocking out engine noise in order to hear your movie or music better than with your own earphones or the awful ones they give you (or make you buy) on the flight. For this alone, the headphones are worth it if you don't want to fork out the money for or like the bulk of proper noise canceling headphones. This may not be the same case with wind, as many people have reported problems when using their Yurbuds in very windy environments. 

Especially with these in ear style headphones, be careful about the volume of your music. A new study by the New York City Health Department found that among New Yorkers ages 18 to 44 who crank up the volume often, nearly a quarter had hearing problems, like ringing in the ears or hearing loss.

Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Yurbuds Inspire Pro headphones retail for $59.99 and are available now.

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