Serfas Gladiator Cycling Sunglasses Review

Serfas Gladiator Sunglasses

Earlier this summer, bike accessory company Serfas introduced 5 new models to their Multi Lens Interchangeable sunglasses category. We have been testing all the new models over the past couple of months, and come up with one of our favorites- the Gladiator. 

When riding for multiple hours on the bike, I normally end up with a small headache from my sunglasses. The TR-90 frame on the Gladiators is durable yet very flexible, molding around your head instead of squeezing, leaving you headache free. I also appreciate that the rubber material on the arms does not rip your hair out.

The nose piece is completely adjustable to fit any shape or desired tension level. The fuller frame of the Gladiator is nice for blocking out sunlight and glare on your ride. 

All the Serfas sunglasses in this category come with at least 4 interchangeable lenses (rose-overcast, brown-sunny terrain enhancement, grey-super bright conditions, clear-night riding) so you can match them to your ride conditions for the day. I didn't find the lenses extremely easy to change on the Gladiator, so not exactly convenient or quick to do mid-ride (top tip- pull down from the nose first). 

Serfas lenses are decentered, where the optical center is repositioned (without distortion) to better suit your vision in the riding position. One of our testers appreciated that the Gladiator sunglasses are RX compatible, so he doesn't have to switch to contacts before heading out on a ride. 

All of the new Serfas Multi Lens Interchangeable models are affordable, retailing at only $60. The Gladiators
come in three different colors (white, black, silver) to match your kit. 

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