Easton Syclone Tent Poles

Easton Slickrock Tent

Taking the best attributes of both aluminum and carbon tent poles, Easton Mountain Products, always at the forefront of technological innovation, set out to create the most resilient tent pole ever. Engineered from multi-directionally wrapped aerospace grade S-Glass composite materials, the new Easton Syclone tent pole will stand up to even the strongest of winds.

The Syclone poles are 80 percent more resistant to bending and breaking than aluminum poles in wind and flex testing. Not only do Syclone poles flex further than both carbon and aluminum poles, but they also return to their original shape while still providing necessary structural support. Best of all, the new poles both weigh and cost the same as aluminum.


The Syclone tent poles are featured in the new Easton Slickrock and updated Easton Torrent tent series for Spring 2014. The Slickrock is a three-season backpacking tent that comes in a 2P ($299) and 3P ($349) version. An asymmetrical Syclone y-pole design ups the internal living space to give you a bit more comfort out on the trail.

The Slickrock features dual doors and dual vestibules to make it easier for you and your tent mate to get organized. The 2P offers 32 square feet of floor space and 44 inch head height with a trail weight of 4 lbs 12 oz. The 3P provides a bit more room at 44 square feet of floor space, 48 inch head height, and a trail weight of 5 lbs 12 oz.

To see the strength of the new Syclone poles for yourself, check out this video Easton captured while putting a tent through the wind tunnel test with people actually sitting inside.

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