Your Natural Running Style Does Not Need To Be Fixed

Brooks Transcend

At the beginning of Outdoor Retailer a couple of weeks ago, Brooks released a white paper that challenges the belief that there is one correct way to run. Through analyzing the running style of hundreds of athletes, Brooks found that we all have our own unique running gait which should be embraced, not fixed, as it is the most natural way for our body to run injury and pain free.

Brooks dubbed the concept of our unique running style “Stride Signature”. Your Stride Signature is the baseline or starting point from which your perfect form and alignment should be defined. The focus then becomes on keeping you in this path of least resistance for as long as possible during your run.

For some runners, shoe characteristics like midsole hardness or stabilizing technologies can push them way outside of their preferred motion path. Instead, Brooks designed a running shoe that helps you stay within your unique motion corridor at all times.

Using a new technology called Guiderails, the Transcend running shoe allows your knees and joints to keep within their natural motion range throughout your run by offering support only where you need it. Sitting below, the Super DNA super cushioned midsole compound adapts the amount of cushioning needed with every single stride.

Pressure zones setup within the sole distribute shock force evenly between your heel, midfoot, and forefoot, while a unique heel design works to keep your body landing closer to joint center. Finally, a super plush upper fits like a glove and provides tons of comfort feel.

You can check out more about the Transcend story over on the Brooks Running website, with the running shoes to be released in February at $160 retail.

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