Road ID App Enables Others To Track Your Workout

Road ID App

As a compliment to the physical ID bracelet, Road ID has created a new app that is a great tool for your next run, bike ride, or even hike. Particularly useful for those of you who tend to train solo most of the time, the app tracks your workout location in real time, enabling your friends and family to follow your progress online. 

After talking to customers about their workout habits, Road ID was inspired to give solo trainers a bit more peace of mind, especially women. Knowing you may not always remember to bring your physical Road ID with you but almost always remember to grab your cell phone, an app made perfect sense.

Main features of the Road ID app include eCrumb Tracking, a Stationary Alert, and a custom Lock Screen creator. The eCrumb Tracking updates your location in real time. When you head out for a ride or run, the app will send a message (SMS or email) to your chosen contacts with your workout info and a link to view your progress on a map (updated every minute). 

The tracking function also features an optional Stationary Alert that will notify your contacts if you should stop moving for more than 5 minutes. A really loud noise will warn you of the impending Stationary Alert so you can intercept the message when you make that mid-ride coffee stop. 

The Road ID app also enables you to customize your phone’s Lock Screen to provide vital information to First Responders in the event of an accident or injury, even if your phone is locked. When someone tries to turn on your phone, they will see your name, city and state, three emergency contacts, and any important medical information.

At the moment, the app is in beta and available for free as the Road ID team really wants your feedback. For all you Strava heads, the two apps can be run at the same time so you won't miss out on chasing KOMs – this was one of the first questions I asked, of course. 

I am psyched to use the Road ID app for my upcoming ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. My family has repeatedly asked for a way to follow along and now they can.  

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