Do You Wear A Sports ID Yet?

RoadID Sports ID

When heading out for an outdoor adventure, most of us do not carry a full wallet housing our ID, insurance information, and list of allergies. Although rare, accidents do happen and if you were to be knocked unconscious, how would someone know your vital information? Various sports ID companies are offering wearable solutions to take your identity with you when you head outdoors. 

Probably the most popular sports ID company so far is Road ID, backed by many of the world's biggest cyclists. Available in 5 different styles and a variety of colors, the Road ID enables you to customize from 4 to 6 lines of text in order to display your emergency contact information, medical information, or even a motivational message. 

Road ID has also just launched Road ID Interactive, making your vital information available to first responders via phone or internet. On the Road ID website, you can create an in depth emergency response profile featuring 8 categories of information, including insurance details, a full medical profile, multiple addresses, and a photograph. 

Road ID costs between $20-$30, depending on the style. If you sign up for Road ID Interactive, the first year is free, then $10 thereafter. 

Xtreme Sports ID

The Xtreme Sports ID is a silicone wristband that includes an 8 digit unique ID number together with a 1-800 number and website address where a first responder can either call or use the internet to gain access to your emergency information.

You can input as much or as little information into your online profile as you prefer. Options include your name, address, emergency contacts, allergies, medications, insurance info, and primary physician. Your Xtreme Sports ID profile also enables you to add in your outdoor adventure plans for the day and automatically send an email to three personal contacts with your whereabouts and planned route. 

The Xtreme Sports ID comes in a variety of colors and retails for $9.95, which includes the first year of service, $5.00 per year thereafter. 

Go Sport ID

The Go Sport ID is another sports ID option that will display standard vital information such as your name, emergency contact, or health alerts such as allergies or chronic conditions. Similar to the Road ID, you can customize from 4 to 10 lines of text, depending on the style of wristband.

The Go Sport ID comes in a variety of different styles and colors, including a nylon band, silicone band, or even dog tags, ranging in price from $17-$57. 

So do you have your sports ID yet?

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