Timberland Sheds Some Weight

Timberland Lite Trace waterproof hiking boots

Timberland is riding the fast and light trend with an entire new minimalist Mountain Athletics collection. Comprised of waterproof hiking boots, day pack, hardshell jacket, and even a sports watch, the LiteTrace collection will keep you protected from the elements and moving quickly over the trails this fall.

The LiteTrace waterproof hiking boots weigh just 12 oz. each, less than half the weight of the normal Timberland hiking boot options. With mid-level ankle support, these boots offer you full protection and stability with the weight of a simple trail runner. 

The boot upper is made from a single layer of recycled polyester using a no-sew construction and minimal seam sealing. A waterproof breathable membrane is bonded to the back of the upper, eliminating the chance of pooling water or dirt. The single layer upper not only means lighter weight, but also brings the membrane closer to your foot and the outside of the shoe, enhancing the breathability of the hiking boots. 

The innovative LiteTrace outsole features the usual deep lugs for traction, but Timberland has removed all the rubber in between those lugs to cut out unnecessary weight. The outsole is made from Timberland's green rubber, which includes almost half recycled content. 

A hard but flexible plate at the bottom of the waterproof hiking boot disperses your body weight across the entire length of the boot, protecting your foot from sharp objects. A Pebax foam heel insert lightens the weight of the shoe, while offering tons of rebound and cushioning to your every step. The Pebax also prevents cold transfer from the ground, keeping your feet warmer. 

The Timberland LiteTrace waterproof hiking boots retail for $155 and are available now. One question Timberland- why just a men's version?

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