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The GearCaster Gear Search Tool

Today is Black Friday, which means almost all online retailers are throwing some sort of large sale now through Cyber Monday. So how do you know where to find the best deal on the gear you need this holiday season? You easily could spend hours in your tryptophan induced stupor trolling through all the different sites, but we have made it easier for you this year and put all the inventory right at your fingertips with our new Gear Search Tool

Simply type in the piece of gear you are looking for and the tool will bring up all the different possibilities in real time. Click on an image to get further information on the product, share it will your friends on Twitter or Facebook to get their opinion, or Pin it to Pinterest to build your own wish list. 

The options to narrow down your search are pretty limited at the moment, so the more detail you put into the search box the more exact match results you will get in return. For example, the search for Patagonia Down Sweater (above) gives a wide array of Down Sweater products and pricing results. You could further narrow the search by typing "women's hooded Patagonia Down Sweater" into the search box.

The tool offers an inventory of over 60 online merchants (more being signed up all the time) for you to search through for all types of outdoor gear. Have a play around and let me know what you think. I would love to hear from you on what else you would like to see from our Gear Search Tool as we want to make it the most useful for you.  

Happy searching!

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