Patagonia Common Threads iFixit Partnership

Patagonia Worn Wear Party

This Thanksgiving, Patagonia is once again pushing the Anti Black Friday message, encouraging you not to buy new gear unless you really need it. Instead, come celebrate the quality gear you already own in one of the company's retail stores tomorrow evening. 

In celebration of their Worn Wear program, fifteen Patagonia retail stores across the country (see above) will hold a Black Friday Worn Wear Party. Show up at 4PM for food, live music, and the rare chance to sample Patagonia's California Route beer made by New Belgium (I am still on the hunt for the stuff). 

Bring in your old Patagonia gear to get help fixing any damage in one of the repair clinics and watch the Worn Wear movie. Worn Wear is a new short film by Keith, Lauren, Chris, and Dan Malloy that tells the stories of eight people and the well-loved, well-used pieces of Patagonia clothing that have become part of their lives. If you can't make it to one of the Patagonia stores tomorrow, you can watch the Worn Wear movie below.

Patagonia Expedition Sewing KitProbably the bigger story is that Patagonia has also teamed up with website iFixit to create a series of free repair guides for Patagonia clothing, further encouraging you to repair your gear before buying new. I am sure you will find the various repair techniques, such as how to replace a zipper on your fleece jacket, just as useful for clothing from other outdoor brands. 

To help you become a repair master, Patagonia is selling an Expedition Sewing Kit ($30) in its retail stores and online, complete with a machined awl made of high-quality aluminum, heavy-duty needles, various selections of thread, and patch material.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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