Parkipedia – Wikipedia For The National Parks


National Parks Traveler, a website dedicated to all things national parks, has created a wiki where users can add information about trails, campsites, lodging, food, or anything related to a park visit. Acting like Wikipedia for the outdoors, Parkipedia promises to offer more comprehensive and relevant information than any guidebook out there.

Looking for your help, National Parks Traveler hopes that Parkipedia will become the most comprehensive guide to the national parks. While many park guides are researched and written by one or two people, Parkipedia guides will be collaboratively written by people like you who continually visit their favorite parks and have amassed years of knowledge in the areas of hiking, wildlife, camping, and lodging.

National Parks Traveler is not affiliated with the National Park Service, but has a mission to educate the general public about the National Park System, increase awareness and understanding of issues affecting the national parks and the National Park Service, and build a stronger advocacy for protection and sound stewardship of the parks.

I will be curious to see how the Parkipedia guides evolve to suit all different types of visitors. Some things, such as campsites, lodging, and food are pretty universal. But for example, my favorite hiking trails in Yosemite are most likely not going to be the favorite hiking trails for the average Yosemite visitor who rarely leaves the Valley. Hopefully there will be heavy contribution from people who work for the National Park Service, offering tips on lesser known areas, wildlife, and natural phenomenons.

Access to Parkipedia requires you to become a member of National Parks Traveler for an annual $9.95 fee. Will this fee discourage people from contributing? We shall see.

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