Stay Safe In Traffic With The Orp Bike Horn And Light

Orp bike light and horn Orp bike light and horn

Every time I head out on a road ride, I think some sort of loud horn would be handy for alerting cars of my presence. A tiny bike bell doesn’t really cut it and even yelling doesn’t exactly work with cars. The new Orp is a combination dual tone, high-decibel bike horn and front beacon light designed to not only make you more visible on the road but ultimately hearable as well.

The SmartHorn Technology on the Orp lets you alert cars, pedestrians, runners, or other cyclists with a simple push on the bike light’s tail. The Orp horn features 2 modes- soft and extremely loud. When you need to alert other cyclists or pedestrians, a small displacement (up or down) of Orp’s Wail Tail produces a friendly chirp at 76 decibels.

When you’re in traffic and you need to let cars know where you are, then just push a little harder (up or down) and the Orp emits an ear blistering 96 decibels blast. This is about the same decibel level, if not louder than a normal car horn.

Weighing 89 grams, the Orp bike like uses two high power LEDs to pump out 87 lumens of light. You can toggle between three illumination modes: slow flash, fast flash, and constant on. When the loud 96 dB horn is activated, Orp fires both LEDs into a fast strobe and the output is pumped up to 92 lumens.

The rechargeable battery will last up to 3 hours in constant mode, 8 hours in fast flash, and 15 hours in slow flash. The Orp bike light and horn retails for $45-$60, depending on housing color. The company is working with Torcano Industries to ramp up distribution as new inventory should finally be landing in the next month (the initial run completely sold out after the successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year). So keep an eye out online and in your local bike shop.

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