Liquid Image OPS Snow Goggles With Integrated Action Camera

Liquid Image OPS Snow Goggles

During CES in Vegas this week, Liquid Image unveiled their new OPS Snow Goggles with integrated action camera for skiing and snowboarding. The new frameless style lens looks extremely stealth and with a new side mounted camera, the days of looking like a teletubbie on the mountain are gone. 

The OPS Snow Goggles feature an action camera with wide angle lens positioned on the right side of the frame. The camera takes 3.0 MP stills and HD 1080P (1920×1080) video at 30 fps, plus an additional HD 720P (1280×720) video mode at 60 fps for smooth motion on the slopes.

The On/Off/Video mode button sits at the back of the right strap, while another button toward the front takes still images. To start recording, simply turn on the camera with the back button to place it in standby mode, then press the back button again to start/stop the video. When the camera is on in standby mode, press the front button to snap photos.

Pressing the back button and holding for 2 seconds powers down the action camera. An LED indicator light inside the snow goggles signals the recording action, with a single blink for capturing a still image and continuous on/off blink for recording video. 

The memory compartment can hold up to a 32GB micro SDHC card, offering enough capacity for thousands of still images or hours of video. The action camera includes a rechargeable battery and mini USB, with an estimated battery life of around 2 hours of recording HD video.

The Liquid Image OPS Snow Goggles retail for $199.99 and will start shipping immanently. 

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