Mio Link Continuous Heart Rate Wrist Band

Mio LINK heart rate band

In my recent review of the Mio Alpha heart rate watch, one of the main criticisms was the high price for what is basically a single use device. Mio appears to have listened to market feedback and came out with the new Mio Link. Priced at only $99, the Link is smaller and lighter than the Alpha, while still delivering continuous heart rate without the need to wear a chest strap.

Mio Link is a sleek band worn on your wrist designed to monitor continuous heart rate data. The Link uses both Bluetooth Smart (4.0) and ANT+ to transmit the data to either an app on your phone or other sport devices such as a Garmin bike computer.

Heart rate data is captured using the same electro-optical cell technology as featured in the Mio Alpha. An optical sensor monitors the volume of blood under your skin as you workout. Algorithms are then applied to the pulse signal to accurately track your heart rate. 

With the Link, Mio has done away with the clock and watch screen. Instead, tri-color LED lights indicate your heart rate zones. Single button operation makes it really easy to start, stop, or sync your heart rate data.

Starting March 2014, the Mio Link will ship for $99. Mio will also have their own smartphone fitness app available at this time- Mio Go.

What do you think- is $99 the right price for you to finally give up the chest strap? 

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