Trimble TopoCharger iPhone Battery Case With Built-In Topo Maps

Trimble Outdoors TopoCharger

Finally launching in just a couple of weeks, the new Trimble TopoCharger will not only top up your iPhone battery, but will also help guide you through the no service zone. Built in topo maps enable you to navigate without any cell coverage, so more staring at blank map screens in desperation. 

The TopoCharger holds gigabytes of outdoor maps without eating up your limited iPhone memory. The offline maps are stored inside the slim 3-ounce case, so you don't need cell and data signals to view them on your phone.

The Trimble Outdoors Navigator GPS app comes free with the TopoCharger. The app taps into the stored maps and the iPhone GPS to tell you where you are and show your route, no phone signal required. You can mark and navigate to waypoints such as campsites, trailheads, and important turns, collect routes, capture geo-tagged photos and videos, and track your adventure stats.

When you purchase the TopoCharger, you get to pick which state maps you want pre-loaded on the Map Card. The card includes full-color topo maps that can be viewed in 18 zoom levels (1:250K to 1:24K) down to 20-foot contours in most places. If you want to swap between states, simply purchase another Map Card.

The internal 1460mAh lithium-polymer battery doubles the battery life of your iPhone. The TopoCharger is re-charged with an included micro-USB cable and a color-coded LED light indicates the case's charge status.

The Trimble TopoCharger works with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5, with prices starting at $149. 

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