Get Buried In A YETI Casket


Forget burying your ashes in a tree growing pot, real outdoorsmen want to be buried in their coolers. Everyday you trust your craft beer, fish, and prize elk to your YETI cooler so why not your own self or loved one? Due to popular demand, today YETI launches the YETI Casket.

Like all YETI products, the YETI Casket was designed with ultimate durability in mind. Roto-molded polyethylene walls and 2 inches of PermaFrost insulation provide a final resting place of unparalleled strength. Like YETI coolers, the Casket is certified grizzly proof, which could prove useful in areas where permafrost prevents traditional six-foot burials.

The interior features a bed of camouflage satin available in the most popular patterns to match your favorite outdoor apparel. Six ergonomic and highly durable YETI DoubleHaul handles have been added for comfortable transport of even the largest sportsman. Hard plastic sliding feet make it easy to slide the YETI Casket in and out of the bed of your truck (interchangeable rubber grip feet are also available for longer trips or open-water transport).

Customization options are available, including a gun rack and fishing rod holder. The YETI Casket measures 56L X 18W X 22H, weighs 110 pounds, and retails for $4,114. If you buy the YETI Casket today, think of how much beer you can keep cold until you actually need it.

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