Celebrating The Road Trip Adventure

BF Goodrich

During the month of May, we celebrate our love of road trip adventures together with BF Goodrich. Who doesn’t love to load the car full of gear and head off in search of new vistas. To kick things off, we had the opportunity to catch up with professional race and stunt driver, not to mention master road tripper, Andrew Comrie-Picard at the end of his Epic Drives adventure in San Francisco. BF Goodrich has also offered to give one of our readers and fellow road trip lovers a brand new set of tires.

Throughout May, we want you to share your favorite road trips with us. Where have you taken your adventure mobile in order to explore new places, hike, bike, paddle, camp, and generally play outdoors? Tweet, Instagram, Facebook, or email us your photos tagged with #BFGplay for a chance to win a brand new set of tires. Any seasoned road tripper will know that tires can make or break the adventure. We will post our favorite photos each week, then choose a winner at the end of the month.

In the meantime, enjoy our interview with ACP.

You recently toured all of the Western States on your Epic Drives road trip. Did you have a favorite section that you think everyone must see/do?

– I feel the key is to get off the beaten path – to follow your nose. Road trips are all about the unexpected. You don’t tell stories like “we saw the Grand Canyon”; you tell stories like “we had a rad hose fail and then these Hell’s Angels rolled up and gave us a ride to the nearest town to get a new one.” That’s a true story, by the way.

If I were pressed, I would say you should see the 65 million year-old dinosaur tracks about 8 miles west of Tuba City, Arizona, just north off highway 160. No ceremony about it, just a painted sign and some Navajo guides asking for donations to show you what are obviously very real, very impressive dinosaur tracks. It feels like being a tourist a hundred years ago must have felt, and feeling that the massive animals walked where you are right now… that’s powerful.

Any tips for someone looking to dabble in off-road driving in order to explore further in the backcountry?

– Be prepared and travel with another vehicle. And if you can, go for training at Miller Motorsports Park near Salt Lake City, Utah. They can teach you rock-crawling, desert driving, track work and stunts while you’re at it. You’ll emerge a better (and safer) driver.

I can imagine you have eaten your fair share of gas station food. Any recommendations?

– Great question. I have lots of small meals and as little sugar as possible, as it inevitably gives you a rush then makes you tired. Peanuts and beef jerky are my staples. I have a snobbery about mass-produced beef jerky like a lot of wine tasters have about Merlot. But it’ll keep you going indefinitely. As will Merlot, if necessary.

What is on your list of road trip essentials?

– A great friend, great music, and an inaccurate map. A reliable vehicle, or one that you can figure out how to fix. $300 in cash stuffed in your shoe. A towrope. A pleasant demeanor and a positive attitude. This formula has gotten me tens of thousands of miles, including across North Africa in high summer, the Arctic in dark winter, and through India on a single-cylinder motorcycle. I’ve never actually needed the $300.

Do you have a favorite road trip tire?

– The great thing about BF Goodrich tires is that they’re all very tough, very confidence-inspiring tires. I’ve driven literally every driveable surface of the Earth on them. If I had to choose only one, I’d go with the All-Terrain T/A KO, because I feel there’s literally nothing it can’t do – go down a twisty tarmac mountain road with failing brakes, rock-crawl the Rubicon, pull up in front of the Ritz and look awesome – and I’ve done all those things on them. I even won our class in the Baja 1000 on them. They’re like old friends…I can always count on them to bail me out.

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