BarkerBag – The Dog Sleeping Bag That Integrates With Yours


Ever taken a sleepless camping trip with your dog as she continually tried to crawl on top of or into your sleeping bag each night? Even if you brought along her own nice comfy bed? The BarkerBag promises to make both you and your furry friend happy with a zip on extension for your sleeping bag that enables you to share sleeping quarters but each with your own space.

Created by Andy Storms of Seatttle, WA, The BarkerBag is a small, insulated sleeping bag that zips to the side of your own standard sleeping bag. With zippers on both sides, the dog bag can attach to either a single sleeping bag or between two sleeping bags that are mated together. The BarkerBag features a cinchable collar to keep your dog secure inside and also prevent him from running around during the night (not so sure Lola would put up with this one). 

The BarkerBag is designed to work with any zippered, mummy-style bag, so long as the zipper on the side does not go all the way around the foot (allowing the bag to be completely spread out like a comforter). 

With 7 days to go in the Kickstarter campaign and only around 1/4 funded, sadly I am not sure exactly when we will see the BarkerBag come to market. If you want to try and help Andy over the hump, for a pledge of $69-$89, you can get your own Fido size BarkerBag to bring on your next camping adventure together.


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