Camping Beds For Your Dog

Noblecamper dog bed and sleeping bag

Many of us like to bring our dogs along on our extended outdoor adventures, whether it be backpacking, camping, or even hunting. Unless you want to share your sleeping setup, dogs usually appreciate their own bed and even sleeping bag, especially during winter. A couple of companies have created dog beds specific for camping, making sure your furry friend has a warm, dry, and comfortable place to call her own. 

The NobleCamper is a combination ultralight dog bed and sleeping bag for your dog. The bed is warm enough for cold winter nights, comfortable enough for hanging around at the campsite, and light enough for your own dog to carry. At only 24 oz., the bed compresses down into its own stuff sack.

The exterior of the dog bed is made from durable, lightweight, and water resistant ripstop nylon, while the interior is made from a softer, breathable nylon to help keep your dog warm. A polyfill interior provides just enough comfort and warmth while keeping the weight of the bed down. To transform the bed into a sleeping bag, simply unzip the bottom and fold the sides up over the top to form a warm little nest for your dog.

The NobleCamper 2-in-1 dog bed and sleeping bag is available in three sizes: S, M, and L, as well as three colors: Red/Blue, Mariner/Blue and Camo/Black. The dog bed retails for $149-$169, depending on size.

Fishpond Westwater Dog Bed

Lola has been testing out the Westwater Dog Bed from Fishpond. The dog bed rolls up and buckles shut like a sleeping pad for either you or your dog to carry on your pack. A fleece top keeps your dog nice and warm, while the durable and waterproof bottom protects your dog from snow and dirt (not to mention washes off quite nicely). Lola really appreciates when the bed is inflated (a mini inflatable sleeping pad hides inside), as it provides a little extra warmth and comfort on lumpy ground. 

The Fishpond Westwater Dog Bed retails for $89.95. 


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