A Sleeping Bag For Your Dog

Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag

Have you ever been camping with your dog and were forced to share your sleeping bag? Different companies such as NobleCamper and BarkerBag have tried to solve the problem by creating unique sleeping solutions for your pup. Ruffwear seems to have gotten it right for those of us who like to backpack with our furry friends with their new sleeping bag and pad combo.

In general, once it drops below 50 degrees, most dogs enjoy some extra warmth, especially those with short hair. Many of us have tried the kid’s sleeping bag route or brought along a two-person bag to share with our pup. With Ruffwear’s purpose built sleeping bag and sleeping pad combination, you can now ditch that unnecessary weight.

The Highlands Sleeping Bag ($99.95) is a packable, durable, small-sized sleeping bag that provides warmth and comfort on the trail for your canine companion–and most importantly, separate from your own sleeping bag. Stuffed with lightweight synthetic insulation inside a DWR treated shell, the sleeping bag compresses into its own included stuff sack for easy packability.

The integrated, zippered pad sleeve on the base of the Highlands Sleeping Bag accepts the Landing Pad sleeping pad (sold separately–$29.95). Lightweight closed-cell foam insulates your dog from the cold ground, while the soft, durable polyester shell provides a comfortable sleeping surface. You can use the pad alone for hanging out around camp, then part of the full sleep system at night.

I can’t wait to go camping with Lola to test it out.

  1. When does the sleeping bag go on sale? Ruffwear currently lists the Highlands Bed, but not the sleeping bag, on their site.

    I’m also curious about the packed dimensions of both the bag and pad. Would they fit in any of Ruffwear’s packs?

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