The Rise Of Women’s Cycling Apparel Brands

Velocio Women's Cycling Apparel

Over the past couple of years, the bike industry has seen a distinct rise in women centric brands rather than the usual we’ll get there after we design men’s apparel first brands. Whether it be for mountain biking like Shredly or beautiful commuter apparel like Iladora, numerous brands now cater to women who simply love to ride bikes. Two such brands that focus mainly on roadies are Velocio and Machines For Freedom.

Velocio doesn’t exactly want to be known as a women’s brand per se but a let’s-look-at-this-differently brand. The company was founded by Team Specialized-lululemon owner and 20 year veteran of the cycling world, Kristy Scrymgeour, together with talented cycling apparel designer Brad Sheehan.

Sourcing materials from Italy that not only manage moisture and extend comfort but also feel great, every design detail is carefully considered. Although the majority of the collection is for women, including everything from leg warmers to bibs, jerseys, vests, and jackets, Velocio designs men’s cycling apparel, too.

New Southern California brand Machines For Freedom launches sometime this summer. Built by Jennifer Hannon, an avid cyclist who was tired of gear that left her hurting after long, epic rides (aren’t we all!), decided she could do something better. With a belief that the cycling community has so many intangible qualities to offer women – fitness, community, accomplishment, adventure – she wants to give women the right clothes to make those things possible.

The MFF collection of high-performance apparel promises such things as a better designed chamois for women and no sausage legs (hallelujah!)—needless to say, I am looking forward to check out this cycling apparel.

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