Clug 3D Printable Bike Storage

Clug bike storage

There are tons of fancy and complicated ways to store your n+1 bikes, but the new Clug might just be the cheapest and simplest solution. Named after the sound it makes when you pop your wheel inside, Clug is the brain child of ProdUX design company Hurdler Studios in Vancouver.

Ditching the winches, hooks, or precarious balancing acts, the Clug bike storage unit is made of just 2 parts—the clipper and the gripper. The gripper screws in place on your wall, then the clipper snaps right into place inside the gripper. The grip on the wheel (you can use one unit or two if you want your bike off the floor) is all that is needed to keep your bike in place.

Renting or don't want to drill holes in your wall? You can also use picture hanging strips to mount the Clug bike storage unit. When you’re not using it, Clug is simply an unobtrusive wall ornament instead of a huge, metal monstrosity. 

Clug bike storage

The first version of Clug will fit standard road bike tires between 23mm and 28mm. The company hopes to eventually offer the bike storage solution in a range of sizes, including mountain bikes and hybrids. 

If you happen to have access to a 3D printer, for $5 CAD you get access to the .stl file to make your own Clug. With each part taking an hour or less to print, you could make a bunch in numerous colors to match all your bikes.  

For $9 CAD, you will be one of the first to own a Clug, including everything you need to mount on the wall. The box doubles as your template to drill your holes. Just stick it on the wall, check that your bike lines up, and drill away—the box will even catch your brick/plaster dust, too. 

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