Hiplok Airlok — Stylish and Secure Bike Storage

Hiplok Airlok

Whether you store your bike in your house, garage, or outside work, there is always a high chance of it getting stolen at some point. Bike locks might work to deter thieves but they aren’t exactly an elegant solution. To give you the option of simple and stylish yet fully secure bike storage, Hiplok created the Airlok.

There are products that display and store your bike, and there are products that can secure your bike. But until now there has not a product available that can do both of these things in a single package. Airlok is a wall-mounted bicycle storage hanger with integrated hardened steel lock. Using a combination of maximum security, effortless practicality, and design elegance, the wall-mounted Airlok is the ultimate secure storage solution for your apartment, work place or outside your house.

Airlok’s triangular shape provides stable storage for multiple bike styles and sizes, while it’s elegant design, quality materials and engineered security means it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. When correctly installed into a masonry or concrete wall, the unit can support pretty much any bike weight.

The rubberized, softly curving holder protects against unwanted frame scratches or marks during storage or removal. The rubberized loading mouth is also in a horizontal configuration, meaning you don’t have to lift your bicycle above the level at which it is stored. This makes unloading your bike a breeze and requires less effort storing it after a ride.

The locking bolt releases by sliding below the main body — this means the bolt can be accessed even when your Airlock has been mounted significantly above head height. The locking bolt is locked and unlocked via uniquely coded keys provided with your device. For very small or unusual frame designs, the locking bolt can be removed completely to make it easier to place and remove your bike.

Hiplok is taking pre-orders for the Airlok over on Kickstarter. For a pledge of around $129, you will get your locking bike storage hanger just after the holidays.


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