Sea Otter 2019: Cool Accessories

Hornit Clug

While you can find plenty of shiny new bikes on display at Sea Otter, there are always some fun accessory companies in attendance as well. There are the usual suspects including bike lights, chain lube, and storage solutions, but also some you never knew you needed — titanium bongs, anyone? Here are some of my favorites from the event.

Hornit Clug 

Dubbed the world’s smallest bike rack, the Clug works with your floor to store your bike. All you do is roll your bike up, and push in the front wheel for vertical storage or rear wheel for horizontal storage. It’s like a hug for your bike.

The Clug fits bikes with tires ranging from 23mm – 81mm (1″ – 3.2”) and currently comes in five sizes: Roadie (23mm-32mm or 1″-1.25”), Hybrid (33mm-43mm or 1.3″-1.7”), Mtb (44mm-57mm or 1.75″-2.25”), Mtb XL (58mm-69mm or 2.3″-2.7″), and Plus (70mm-81mm or 2.75-3.2″). Prices range from £15-£18.

Road Togs

Road Togs

While Togs Thumb Grips for mountain bikes have been around for awhile, the company is getting set to launch a drop bar version. Road Togs make for better control and comfort in the drops. They support the thumb, eliminating inward wrist roll and slippage. Keep an eye out for their Kickstarter campaign starting April 30th.

Hiplok Spin

Hiplok SPIN
SPIN ($49.99) is the first Hiplok chain to come with an integrated resettable combination lock, requiring no keys. With a 6mm hardened steel chain at its core, yet weighing under 800 grams, the bike lock provides a great combination of security and portability.

Knog Cobber

Knog Cobber

Cobber is Knog’s new lighting line that aims to make you visible from 360° while riding on the road. The front and rear light sets come in three different sizes with varying lumen output from 50 lumens to 270 lumens in the rear and 110 lumens to 470 lumens in the front. All are waterproof and USB rechargeable with built in USB plugs. The bike lights range in price from $50-$90 each.

Bat Cage

Bontrager Bat Cage

Made from discarded fishing nets that are ground up into tiny beads to be used for injection-molded plastic products, one Bat Cage ($15) can remove 3,850 pounds of discarded plastics from our ocean every year.

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