Voke Energy Tabs

Voke energy tabs

With an impressive list of climbers and other professional athletes on board, Voke Tab may just be the next big thing in energy supplements. Promising all the caffeine required to fuel your high octane adventures without any of the crash inducing sugar, Voke energy tabs not only fit in your pocket, but each tab provides the same amount of caffeine as a Red Bull or 5-hour energy drink.

Each Voke energy tab is made from guarana berry seed, known for its natural caffeine content, saponins,
and tannins, caffeine from tea leaves, and vitamin C rich acerola cherries. At just 2 calories per tab, Voke is sweetened with natural rebiana, a stevia extract still used by the Guarani tribe as a sweet tea. Without a huge hit of sugar, you won't be left wanting to take a nap or scrambling for the nearest candy bar 30 minutes later. 

Each Voke energy tab contains 75mg of caffeine—similar to a cup of premium coffee. By comparison, one can of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine or 32mg of caffeine in a pack of Cherry Cola Honey Stinger Energy Chews. 

Voke Tab

For $7, a tin of Voke includes 7 energy tabs. Put that next to a 5-Hour Energy drink for example, and that's a cost savings of $14 for the equivalent amount of caffeine at 1/2 the space of one bottle. 

You can order your tin of Voke Tabs from the company website or buy from select retailers nationwide. 

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